April 27th 2018

In response to evolving data protection laws, coupled with a high customer demand for demonstrable quality of service within the telecare market, unified communications recording and analysis specialists - Weston Digital Technologies - has today announced its dedicated recording and quality monitoring package, Symphony 7 for Telecare.

Symphony 7 with Skype for Business recordingSymphony 7 for Telecare allows service providers to capture a multitude of contemporary communications streams - including voice calls, mobile phones and desktop activity – and easily review the interactions for training and quality monitoring purposes. All recordings are centrally managed and reviewed through Symphony's user interface, Personal Assistant.

Bundled with the package, Weston is including the powerful Symphony Quality Management component for free – complete with score sheets specifically tailored for telecare services. These have been created to aid compliance with the TSA’s Quality Standards Framework and can form part of a comprehensive staff training program.

Weston’s MD Derek Townsend explains:

"In any telecare service environment, it is vitally important to maintain a consistently high level of service. To achieve this, managers and team leaders must consider key questions, such as:

  • Do my telecare agents provide the quality of service that the business demands?
  • Are my telecare service users receiving the level of care and support that they need?
  • Does my business provide its telecare staff with appropriate levels of training and support?
  • Is a high level of “staff churn” using up vital resources?

At Weston Digital Technologies, we became aware that without the appropriate data these questions could be frustratingly difficult to answer accurately. That’s why we created Symphony 7 for Telecare; combining our advanced unified communications recording platform with our powerful quality management tools tailored for measuring telecare call handling skills."

He continues:

“With Symphony 7 for Telecare, vital call-related data can easily be captured, measured, compared and shared - all within the same platform. This gives managers a vital insight into the types of calls being handled, the appropriateness of agent responses, the quality of the customer experience and staff skill-levels.”
“Through actively measuring call handling with Symphony, telecare service providers can target staff training to fill any identified skills and knowledge gaps and mitigate risk by preventing service failures.”

Symphony 7 for Telecare also provides the tools needed to manage data in line with the incoming GDPR guidelines. Symphony’s highly granular permissions system combined with its powerful search capabilities, flexible data retention policies and comprehensive, system-wide auditing, helps organisations to maintain compliance with a wide range of current legislation, including the GDPR.

“The GDPR is currently big news for any organisation that needs to store the personal data of EU citizens – and that includes the telecare industry” explains Derek Townsend. “With Symphony 7 for Telecare, service providers can rest assured that their customers’ data can be managed efficiently and securely. Managers can set global retention and disposal policies and our powerful search facilities will quickly and easily locate an individual's complete data set, so that it can be shared with the individual and deleted upon request if need be – all from within the Symphony platform.”
“With Symphony 7 for Telecare, there is no need to have multiple copies of data siloed in disparate systems for different tasks – it's all there at your fingertips, leaving you free to focus on delivering the quality of service your end users need.”

Symphony 7 for Telecare is available from Weston Digital Technologies now.

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