Press Release - January 08, 2009


Weston Digital Technologies today announced that it had won a major contract to supply a leading UK ambulance service with its Enterprise Recording Solution.

The six figure contract is to supply recording systems for three sites linked with a central database and storing data centrally to a data centre. The solution will use the full telephony capabilities of Weston Digital's Symphony group of products in order to meet the requirements of the ambulance service to record TDM telephony, Airwave and VoIP on a single platform. This will enable ambulance service staff to replay calls from across the enterprise within a single application.

Mike Partridge, Commercial Director, commented: "We're particularly pleased because the contract award was not just based on our financial commitment, but also on the strong technical merits of our solution."

"A key factor in the negotiations," continued Mike, "was that the ambulance service was looking for a partner who could share their vision for the future rather than just being a supplier. They liked the creativeness of our consultative approach and felt that our technology was best suited to meet their ambitious requirements. We very much look forward to working with them."

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