Press Release - May 30, 2014

It's our birthday!

Weston Digital Technologies celebrates 20 years at the forefront of digital communications recording

Since releasing one of the industry's first digital call recording systems twenty years ago, Weston Digital Technologies has seen a lot of change and pioneered some exciting developments in the world of digital communications recording. Derek Townsend, Technical Director at Weston Digital Technologies, looks back and remembers the early days - and anticipates inspirational future developments:

"Our breakthrough product back then was Audionet, which was one of the first multi-channel digital recording systems to become available in our industry," he remembers. "Although it may seem basic in comparison to our current Symphony systems, Audionet represented a huge step forward compared to the all-analogue, standalone reel-to-reel tape systems that it replaced - and it undoubtedly marked a key moment in digital call recording development."

The fast pace of progress in digital communications presented industry developers with exciting new possibilities and, for Townsend, this proved to be an inspiring time to be starting the company:

"Moving into the digital domain really opened the way for innovation in our business and it raised the bar in terms of what we could offer with our solutions, so it wasn't long before we had introduced another landmark addition to our product range - Personal Assistant."

"Put simply, Personal Assistant proivides an intuitive interface that enables users to easily search and replay recordings" Derek explains, "but since it's first incarnation, PA has gone from strength-to-strength and we've developed it into a very powerful unifying application that can still be found at the heart of our Symphony systems to this day."

Weston Digital Technologies' current flagship platform - a modular suite known as Symphony - has progressed a long way since the early days of Audionet. Symphony can record, replay and analyse a wide range of synchronous digital communications: from VoIP to mobile calls, and from Ambient Audio to CCTV streams and there are new features to help organisations comply with contemporary rules and security standards such as PCI DSS. Symphony is also fully scalable - to allow customers to tailor a solution that can grow with their needs - and with migration to the cloud now a reality, Townsend predicts new inovations are again opening up:

"Once again we find ourselves working in exciting times," he says. "The technology behind our Symphony systems is already advanced beyond what I could have imagined twenty years ago, and the groundbreaking solutions that we are able to deliver today are genuinely inspirational."

"For example, the recent Digital Interview Recorder that we developed for Capita, which is replacing tape-based systems in police evidence aquisition and the Ambient Recording solution that we recently installed for Humberside Police - they are just two examples of projects that I am particularly proud of - but at the same time, I see them as just a starting point for what will soon be possible."

"In many ways it's a similar situation to twenty years ago - the pace of technological development today is still accelerating, but we're at the forefront of that development and ready to embrace the challanges and opportunities that the next twenty years will bring us."

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About Weston Digital Technologies

Weston Digital Technologies is the developer of the Symphony suite of synchronous communications recording, replay, and analysis applications. Their products are trusted by many of the world's leading companies to record critical business communications including TDM, VoIP, and Mobile Call Recording along with Screen Data, Ambient Audio, and CCTV, whilst Symphony's analytic capabilities help organisations to meet regulatory requirements, optimise their workforce and better understand their customers. Symphony can be found at work in a diverse range of environments including financial institutions, Blue-Light Services and contact centres. The company is headquartered in Sussex, U.K. and can be reached at +44 (0)1403-783-344 or