Press Release - July 25, 2014

Weston Digital Technologies scores top marks for Quality of Service.

Independent industry reviewers Quality Improvement Services find Weston Digital Technologies’ customers to be "extremely satisfied" with service.

In a recent study, the quality and information security consultants, Quality Improvement Services, found Weston Digital Technologies’ customers to be extremely satisfied with the service they received.

“From our analysis we found that the feedback from customers was excellent - with regard to both the supply of new products and the provision of ongoing customer support” said Rob Easter, Senior Consultant at Quality Improvement Services.

QIS analysed Weston Digital Technologies’ customer feedback streams and applied a range of probing questions to the data. The study, which particularly focused on the installation of products and the subsequent support provided, flagged customer responses to topics such as:

  • Was the product delivered and installed on time?
  • Was the customer satisfied with the product and service?
  • Was Weston Digital Technologies responsive to customer issues?
  • Did the support team respond promptly to questions?
  • Were the support engineers knowledgeable?
  • Had the staff been courteous?
  • Was there anything that Weston Digital Technologies could have done better?

“The feedback received was all in the category of good to excellent” Rob continues, “for example, one customer described the help and service from Weston as “exceptional”, and another stated that “on all counts we are completely satisfied”.

When asked to summarise, Rob concluded that the outcome of the study showed that Weston needs to carry on doing what it is doing; delivering reliable products; on time and backed up by first class customer support provided by an empathetic, friendly and knowledgeable team.

As far as improvement was concerned he felt the company just needed to continue asking customers questions and listening to the answers so that as the company grows any problems continue to be quickly identified and acted upon.

About Weston Digital Technologies

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