MiFID II: The Key Facts and Common Misconceptions

October 17 2016


The Financial Services industry in Europe is facing radical new changes to the way its business is regulated. The recasting of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, known as MiFID II, represents the biggest shake-up of regulatory legislation in the European financial sector for over a decade. Far-reaching new rules aim to strengthen investor protection, prevent market abuse, increase transparency and re-establish consumer trust. However, meaningful engagement with the Directive has been slow. The scale, complexity and number of new regulations has resulted in a delayed response across the industry - and for firms based in the UK this has been compounded further by the result of the recent EU referendum. In this article we take an at-a-glance look at MiFID II and address some common misconceptions regarding the impact of the Brexit vote.

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An Introduction to the GDPR

September 13 2016


For several years the European Commission has been planning a new Data Protection Regulation for European member states. Designed to provide a common legal framework for data protection law and to protect the data assets and privacy of individuals within the EU, the GDPR represents the biggest shake-up of data protection regulation in more than twenty years. Now that the process of agreement has been completed and the GDPR is finally a reality, the time has come for businesses across the spectrum to prepare for the new data protection landscape.

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Brexit: What Does This Mean for MiFID II?

June 29 2016

In the wake of the UK voting to leave the European Union, firms may now feel unclear as to whether the incoming MiFID II regulations will continue to apply to their businesses or not. With many firms already unsure of their obligations under the Directive, there is a danger that Brexit could compound the problems caused by a general lack of engagement with MiFID II and lead to complacency throughout the industry. But the FCA has released a statement which makes the facts very clear: MiFID II will still apply in the UK and firms must continue with implementation plans for the incoming legislation.

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MiFID II - Clarity on Mobile Call Recording

June 06 2016


With the regulatory landscape of today’s business world in a state of constant flux, implementing a mobile call recording solution that is robust enough to meet today’s complex compliance obligations and yet is flexible enough to absorb the legislative and technical challenges that tomorrow may bring, can be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

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MiFID II - An Opportunity

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