Symphony MiFID II Compliance Solutions
Symphony 7, the complete Unified Communications Recording and Analytics platform from Weston Digital Technologies can provide your business with a one-stop solutuion for all your MiFID II communications recording needs!

A Unified Approach

Our complete, unified communications recording solution, Symphony 7, has been built to provide a coherent solution for your MiFID II compliance recording needs. Our experience from over twenty years of capturing and analysing many millions of mission critical transactions around the world for industry leading organisations, means you can trust us to help you to acheive compliance, with minimal costs and fuss.

Record All Calls and Electronic Communications

Symphony allows businesses to easily record, analyse and manage all voice calls and electronic communications from a single, centrally managed platform. With Symphony you can record all communications and easily reconstruct trades using Timeline Replay.

Aquisition sources include:

  • Fixed Line (TDM), mobile and VoIP
  • SMS
  • IM
  • Email
  • Face-to-Face meetings and room recording
  • Screen data
  • Trading Floor audio and CCTV

Security Brings Peace of Mind

Our storage is encrypted, fully secure and heavily audited to give you peace of mind. This is why Symphony 7 is used for the evidential recording of police interviews throughout the UK

Evidential Grade Quality for Supremely Accurate Searches

All recordings are of evidential grade quality as standard. Coupled with the option to store uncompressed audio and the ability to integrate with best of-breed analysis modules, Symphony ensures that you get the most value from your audio and text data - both today and in the years ahead.

Lightning Fast Data Retrieval and Analysis

Symphony's Audio Search technology, combined with its configurable Smart Folders, allows users to quickly and easily search and analyse vast quantities of data across all communications channels. Analysis and identification of sentences, phrases and key-words, be they written or spoken, can be carried out at the touch of a button.

Securely store Your Data On-sight or in The Cloud

Symphony's configurable retention periods allow you to securely retain your data for as many years as suits you, beyond the 5 years minimum mandated by MiFID II if required. We also offer flexible storage options that support on-site or cloud-based storage - we even offer a hybrid solution - to suit your budget and your compliance needs. With Symphony 7, you can securely access, retrieve and analyse all recorded data from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Open, Scalable and Flexible

Symphony's modular system allows it to scale fully with your growing business requirements and changing compliance obligations. And because it's built on open architecture technologies, Symphony can integrate with best-of-breed solutions that will keep your business one step ahead of the regulatory curve and avoid the problems caused by vendor lock-in.

Cost Effective Solution with tangible ROI

Improve staff performance using Symphony 7's easy-to-use built in Quality Management and Analysis capabilities. Capture data about competitor products and services from clients; optimise processes and meet the needs of customers quicker; define and focus staff training needs - these are just some of the benefits that will see Symphony 7 quickly pay for itself.

Hassle-Free Implementation

At Weston Digital Technologies, we understand how important your time is. Our team of dedicated Project Managers have years of experience and will ensure a quick and easy implementation with a minimum of disruption to your business. So call Weston Digital Technologies today and book an appointment to discover how we can help your business become MiFID II compliant!

See how Symphony can help make your business compliant today!