Symphony Unified Communications Recording for the Public Safety Sector
Evidential-grade communications recording for the Police and Public Safety services.

A Unified Approach

Our complete Unified Communications Recording platform, Symphony 7 provides the robust solution you need for today's fast-paced control room environment. Over twenty years of capturing and analysing many millions of mission critical communications for both public and private sector organisations means you can trust Symphony to help deliver increased efficiency, enhance training and mitigate the risk of costly litigation.

Record All Calls and Electronic Communications

Symphony 7 seamlessly records all calls, electronic communications and mission critical ambient audio and video. Single-point management enables you to quickly search and accurately analyse communications across any or all of the following:

  • Fixed Line (TDM), mobile and VoIP telephony
  • SMS
  • IM
  • Email
  • Screen data
  • CCTV
  • Multi-room ambient audio and video
  • Supports end-to-end incident reconstruction

Evidential Grade with Lightning Fast Data Retrieval

All Symphony recordings are of evidential grade. Coupled with lightning fast data retrieval and advanced search tools, Symphony delivers some of the most powerful capabilities available on the market today. Audio Search technology analyses and searches vast quantities of data for spoken phrases and key-words across all voice communications channels at the touch of a button and Symphony's uncompromised audio quality means that integration with emerging Voice Analysis Technologies is guaranteed for the years ahead.

Ambient Recording and Real Time Information

Implementation of best practice has seen an increased focus on capturing elements of communication that have not traditionally been recorded, particularly that which takes place in Command and Control Room environments. Symphony Ambient Recording provides fixed and wireless microphone recording solutions, with support for synchronised video streams, to record verbalised and non-verbalised communications between Senior Officers and their teams. With Symphony, in-progress recordings from the field can be monitored in real-time and replayed from any point without having to wait for the recording to complete, providing officers with the ability to review events as they unfold. This supports Senior Officers in critical decision making processes and ensures that a complete record of events is achieved; providing comprehensive incident reconstruction and supporting maintained compliance.

Security Brings Peace of Mind

Our storage is secure and heavily audited to give you total peace of mind. This is why Symphony technology is entrusted to provide evidential recording by many police forces throughout the UK.

Flexible Retention and Storage

Symphony's configurable retention periods allow you to securely retain your data for as long as you need either on-site or in the cloud. We even offer a flexible hybrid storage solution so you can securely access, retrieve and analyse all recorded data from anywhere in the world, anytime. With Symphony, you can be sure that we can provide the right solution to suit your budget and compliance needs.

Open, Scalable and Flexible

Symphony's modular system allows it to scale fully with your requirements and evolving compliance obligations. Because it's built on open architecture technologies, Symphony can integrate with best-of-breed solutions that will keep you one step ahead of the regulatory curve and avoid the problems caused by vendor lock-in, whilst our unique Symphony Flex license model means that you'll never pay for more capacity than you need.

Cost Effective Single Solution with tangible ROI

Improve staff performance using Symphony 7's powerful Quality Management tools; review calls and incidents to define and focus staff training needs; monitor staff progress and compare performance with powerfully inciteful reports; leverage data to optimise processes and improve services. These are just some of the benefits that will see Symphony 7 quickly pay for itself!

Hassle-Free Implementation

At Weston Digital Technologies, we understand how important your time is. Our team of dedicated Project Managers have years of experience that will ensure a quick and easy implementation with a minimum of disruption to your workflows - and once installed, Symphony 7's clean and intuitive interface means that your staff will require minimal training.

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Weston Digital Technologies are a trusted commercial partner providing digital storage solutions to the Avon and Somerset Police. In a recent project, they provided and fitted for us their Symphony Ambient Recording System within our Command and Control Silver. This has provided us with an excellent quality voice capture and storage solution through discreetly and professionally fitted recording equipment. The use of ambient recording has been identified as best practice for Police Command and Control Silver facilities. The principle is to capture command discussion during Police operations providing accurate and timely evidence of the command conversation and environment.

Andy Bennett, Chief Inspector
Avon & Somerset Constabulary

Our new Symphony wireless recording solution allows senior police officers to focus on managing incidents without having to worry about recording mission-critical management conversations or meeting their compliance obligations.

Dave Christison, Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Humberside Police

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