Advanced Call Recording
With over two decades of voice recording experience, there isn't much that we can't record. If it's voice communications then Symphony can handle it.

Flexible and scalable

As with other Symphony components, the call recording module can be installed on a shared server or separately, depending on the needs of the organisation. It scales from small numbers of channels to many thousands. It supports distributed installation allowing resilient recording of satellite sites for example. For companies considering their cloud migration strategy, Symphony's distributed architecture allows a staged migration to a centralised or cloud based operation. Call Recording is fully integrated with other Symphony components such as Screen Recording and Analytics.

Key Features at a glance:

  • IP Telephony of all types
  • All types of PSTN lines (Analogue, ISDN2e, ISDN30, T1, SIP Trunks)
  • Supports DASS2, QSIG, DPNSS and EuroISDN and CASS
  • Analogue and digital extensions from all major switch manufacturers
  • Mix TDM and VoIP and Mobile within the same system
  • Mobile phone calls
  • Resilient configurations available with dual power supplies and RAID
  • Distributed architecture allows satellite sites with central management
  • Distributed architecture enables truly massive scalability
  • IP recording supports full virtualisation
  • Designed to allow immediate or phased implementation of cloud strategy
  • PCI-DSS support options also integrated with Screen Recording

Specific Integrations For:

  • Mitel
  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Siemens/Unify
  • Alcatel
  • Ascotel
  • Ericsson
  • Asterisk

Dealer Board Integrations:

  • BT
  • Etrali
  • IPC
  • IP Trade

Command and Control Integrations For:

  • Capita DS2000, DS3000

Symphony can utilise additional metadata when it is available from the line or from CTI integrations. This metadata is stored against the recording of the call and can be used in the Symphony search interfaces.