Evolving regulatory landscapes and best practice policies increasingly require organisations to capture and retain communications which they have not traditionally been obliged to record. Whether it's for Command and Control environments, face-to-face meetings or huddle rooms, Symphony Ambient Recording provides a robust, cost effective solution for a multitude of room-recording requirements.

Integrated Fixed and Wireless Options

Symphony Ambient Recording offers both fixed and wireless solutions to record ambient audio and video.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Superb audio quality
  • Fixed microphones with optional key switch operation
  • Wireless microphones with integrated automatic operation
  • Optional 'Mic Live' illuminated signs per room and per microphone
  • Can be synchronised with CCTV recording, screen capture or presentation material
  • Can provide timeline replay for scenario reconstruction and dispute resolution
  • Integrates with other Symphony components

Wireless Operation

Integrating with the microphone base station, Symphony continuously monitors microphone state and triggers recording as soon as a microphone is lifted from the charging stand.

Symphony provides independent verification that recording has commenced by switching on the associated Mic Live sign.

This greatly reduces the possibility of user error and all microphone events are audited so that a complete record of events is maintained.

Weston Digital Technologies are a trusted commercial partner providing digital storage solutions to the Avon and Somerset Police. In a recent project, they provided and fitted for us their Symphony Ambient Recording System within our Command and Control Silver. This has provided us with an excellent quality voice capture and storage solution through discreetly and professionally fitted recording equipment. The use of ambient recording has been identified as best practice for Police Command and Control Silver facilities. The principle is to capture command discussion during Police operations providing accurate and timely evidence of the command conversation and environment. Currently, only the Airwave transmissions and desk top phone calls are recorded leaving Police Silvers with the responsibility to ensure that incident logs or command logs fully articulate their other decisions and tactical advice which at times can be difficult.

Andy Bennett, Chief Inspector, Avon & Somerset Constabulary