The regulatory landscape of today’s business world is undergoing some dramatic changes. New hard-hitting regulations like MiFID II have greatly extended the scope of previous requirements and significantly increased the compliance burden put upon firms operating within the EU. For many, this now means that mandatory mobile call recording must become part of their everyday compliance strategies.

Compliance Without the Fuss

Navigating the complexities of evolving regulations can be an unwelcome headache for firms that simply want to get on with business - and interpretting the rules surrounding mobile call recording is no exception. Understanding exactly how, when and what to record is confusing eneough, but firms must also consider how to effectively police their solution in order to remain compliant. That's where the Symphony Mobile Compliance Recording™ solution from Weston Digital Technologies can help!
Symphony Mobile Compliance Recording™ (Symphony MCR™) removes the complexities and the headache associated with mobile call recording and compliance. By capturing all voice and SMS communications made through a target device, Symphony MCR ensures that firms can acheive compliance with a minimum of fuss.

Industry Leading Features:

  • In-network, SIM-based solution
  • Guaranteed to record all voice and SMS comms for regulatory compliance:
    • MiFID II compliant
    • Dodd-Frank compliant
  • Resilient and tamper-proof
  • Fully transparent
  • Compatible with existing handsets and numbers
  • Seamlessly integrates with other Symphony modules

Transparent and Secure

Utilising a SIM-based system, Symphony MCR does not need an App - making it completely transparent to the end user. With no way to bypass the system, Symphony MCR delivers secure, tamper-proof recordings, backed up by extensive auditing and evidential grade communications reconstruction.
Not only does this mitigate the risk of unwanted staff behaviour, it also helps to keep management overheads to an absolute minimum and provides firms with peace-of-mind from knowing that their regulatory obligations are taken care of. In addition, because it’s an in-network, SIM-based solution, Symphony MCR is compatible with any mobile handset, including Windows, Android and iOS - there’s even an option to keep your original phone number, which further reduces cost and minimises the impact on user experience.

Uncompromised Flexibilty

Whether it’s for meeting FCA compliance obligations or implementing best practice policies, Weston Digital Technologies’ Unified Communications Recording and Compliance Suite™ provides market-leading flexibility and market-proven resilience. Whatever your recording and compliance requirements, adding functionality to your sollution is as simple as choosing modules to suit your needs - and because they’re part of the Symphony Unified Communications Recording platform, all modules integrate seamlessly with the other components within the stack.
This provides a true single-point system for acquisition, compliance, e-discovery, analysis and end-to-end communications reconstruction. It also benefits from a unified, compliant retention policy across the enterprise. This allows firms to automate the retention and deletion of calls according to configurable retention periods. This approach effectively eliminates the problem of ‘Swivel-Chair Compliance’, which is associated with running multiple systems in isolation and enables businesses to develop cost effective, holistic compliance strategies built on enterprise-wide, unified strategies.
With no additional hardware or Apps to deploy, Symphony MCR is simple to deploy and easy to maintain. The solution can be up and running quickly with a minimum of disruption to the business. Running costs are kept to a minimum and Weston Digital Technologies’ straightforward pricing means that there are no hidden costs.

Centralised Management - keeping things simple.

Because Symphony 7 is a Unified Communications platform, mobile communications are captured seamlessly alongside existing channels, without the need for additional applications. This process is completely transparent to the end user and provides organisations with an exceptionally secure and tamperproof solution.

Symphony 7 brings your mobile communications into line with business-wide management and compliance policies and facilitates deep data mining of calls with its powerful analysis tools. In addition, with Symphony’s powerful Audio Search capabilities, locating mobile recordings - or even spoken words contained within them – becomes a quick and simple task. Recordings can be organised and searched for by associated meta data, including name of agent, date, time and duration of the call, dialled numbers, spoken words etc. and Symphony’s Smart Folders can automatically filter and group recordings according to user definable criteria. This provides organisations with a clear path to locating communications data in the timely manner mandated by much current legislation, including MiFID II and the GDPR.

So get in touch today and find out how you can meet your Mobile Compliance Recording requirements with Symphony 7!