Advanced Screen Recording
Whether for regulatory compliance or for quality monitoring reasons, recording screen activity is rapidly becoming standard practice in many organisations.

Accurate and Integrated

Symphony provides a number of screen recording options that meet the differing needs of our customers. As with other Symphony components, screen recording can be installed on a shared server or separately depending on the needs of the organisation.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Pixel perfect recording
  • Optimal data rates
  • Supports multiple screens per workstation
  • Integrated with Call Recording
  • Passive recording options available (standard for Air Traffic Control recording)
  • Distributed architecture allows satellite sites with central management
  • Distributed architecture enables truly massive scalability
  • Supports full virtualisation
  • Designed to support phased implementation of cloud strategy
  • PCI-DSS support options and integrated with Call Recording
  • Support for multiple operating systems. Windows, OS X, Solaris, Linux