Symphony 7 provides a fully integrated and cost effective solution for capturing, retaining and retrieving Skype for Business interactions. With the Symphony 7 Unified Communications Recording and Analysis platform, all your business communications are at your fingertips, making your vital comms management, analysis and compliance tasks a breeze.

Skype for Business and Evolving Compliance Obligations

In tandem with the widespread adoption of Skype for Business, there is an ever-growing regulatory burden placed upon organisations to ensure that evolving communication practices are kept in line with strict compliance standards. Symphony 7 - the flagship Unified Communications Recording and Analysis platform from Weston Digital Technologies - provides a fully integrated solution that adds advanced, cost effective compliance recording to Skype for Business.

The complete solution for recording your Skype for Business communications

  • Capture all types of calls:
    • Internal and external calls
    • Remote users and conference calls
    • Mobile clients
    • PSTN
    • Federated calls
  • In-application Instant Messaging
  • Video streams
  • Desktop screen sharing
  • On-premise or Hosted solution
  • Easily aligns SfB with evolving compliance regulations

Skype for Business Recording....and Beyond!

Providing much more than a standalone Skype recorder, Symphony 7 combines powerful compliance recording technologies with cutting edge Voice Analysis and Quality Management tools in a single, integrated package. With Symphony, critical business communications can be captured, analysed and managed from an easy-to-use, centrally administered application. Businesses can rest assured that communication channels including Skype for Business, fixed and mobile telephony, video streams, desktop screen activity, Instant Messaging and SMS can all be recorded with Symphony.

Security, Management and Compliance made simple.

Because Symphony 7 is a Unified Communications platform, Skype for Business interactions are captured seamlessly alongside existing channels, without the need for additional applications. This process is completely transparent to the end user and provides organisations with an exceptionally secure and tamperproof solution.

Symphony 7 brings Skype for Business into line with business-wide management and compliance policies and facilitates deep data mining of Skype interactions with its powerful analysis tools. This supports an efficient, holistic approach to communications management and compliance; avoiding the pitfalls of siloed recording systems with disparate policies - as well as providing a highly cost-effective solution.

Symphony even allows users to play back any individual element of a recorded Skype for Business interaction, independently from other captured elements. For example, the desktop screen-sharing element of a recorded call may be played back and reviewed independently from the voice and in-app video elements, providing an unparalleled level of control for compliance and staff training teams .

With Symphony’s powerful Audio Search capabilities, locating Skype for Business recordings - or even spoken words contained within them – becomes a quick and simple task. Recordings can be organised and searched for by associated meta data, including name of agent, date, time and duration of the call, dialled numbers, spoken words etc. and Symphony’s Smart Folders can automatically filter and group recordings according to user definable criteria. This provides organisations with a clear path to locating communications data in the timely manner mandated by much current legislation, including MiFID II and the GDPR.

So get in touch today and find out how you can meet your Skype for Business compliance recording requirements with Symphony 7!