Weston Digital Technologies has been a leader in digital communications recording for almost as long as the industry has existed.

Every day our technology captures many millions of TDM and IP telephone calls and radio communications for thousands of customers around the world.

As the focus of recording has evolved to converge with IP, our Symphony™ family of products has grown to accommodate new and insightful applications across many sectors and geographies. Standardisation on IP has been the catalyst for a flood of innovation among our clients for whom telephony and voice recording are now routinely part of the data infrastructure.

Our scalable, industry-proven architecture has enabled our customers to move their business applications ahead into a new and exhilarating world of universal data recording.

Unlike legacy technologies, Symphony offers an open, flexible and modular approach to digital recording and is built upon industry-standard hardware platforms. Easily assembled into killer-applications that transform business capabilities, our products are at work around the world in markets as varied as transportation, finance, public safety, customer care, salesforce automation, air traffic control and healthcare.

Our architecture is based upon a central technology that offers extensive recording capabilities in the audio, video and telephony arenas, supporting TDM and IP voice recording, video, CCTV, radar and workstation screen recording.