Symphony Quality Management™ is a fully integrated quality management and reporting solution that can be tailored to suit your contact centre requirements. Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, Symphony Quality Management provides you with powerful, easy to use tools to get the very best value from your contact centre environment.

Analyse, Focus, Optimise

Symphony Quality Management uses a browser-based interface for creating customisable score sheets. These allow organisations to analyse interactions and monitor agent performance over time against pre-defined quality objectives. By focusing on Key Performance Indicators, businesses can identify gaps in staff knowledge and more effectively manage their training programs. This in turn helps to optimise strategies for best call handling practice.

Reports – your data where you need it.

The data captured by the call evaluation process is used to generate reports. The easy-to-read graphical format allows for at-a-glance analysis of call traffic and call handling statistics from a single web page. Drill down mode allows for deep level data mining through the generated trends to identify and examine areas of concern at any hierarchical level across your organisation. A set of 19 standard report types are supplied with Symphony Quality Management, including reports for calibration purposes. In addition to this, we can offer individually tailored reports on request to suit your specific requirements.

Key features at a glance

  • Fully integrated Quality Management system
  • Powerful but easy to use post-call analysis and reporting facilities
  • Customisable score sheets with Question and Answer weighting
  • Built-in score sheet tips to establish a standardised scoring methodology
  • Extensive reports generated by selectable trends at each organisational level
  • Different campaigns can be set up to cater for multiple clients with different or shared score sheets for each campaign