Symphony 7 for Telecare provides a fully integrated and cost effective solution for capturing, retaining and reviewing interactions between telecare service providers and their end users. What's more, with tailored Quality Management tools included for free, service providers can easily monitor vital KPIs to ensure their staff deliver optimum levels of excellence across the business.

The Question of Maintaining Excellence

Delivering excellence in a telecare environment is of vital importance, but how can telecare service providers be certain that staff members are acheiving the high standards expected of them in their day-to-day activities?

The key to success is to start by asking the right type of questions:

  • Do your telecare agents provide the quality of service that your business demands?
  • Are your telecare service users receiving the level of care and support that they need?
  • Does your business provide its telecare staff with appropriate levels of training and support?
  • Is a high level of "staff churn" using up vital resources?

Weston Digital Technologies understands that for any telecare service provider, these are vitally important questions – but they can be frustratingly difficult to answer accurately. That’s why Weston has created Symphony 7 for Telecare – with free Quality Management tools specifically tailored for assessing telecare call handling and identifying training needs.

The complete recording and quality solution for your telecare environment

Symphony 7 for Telecare allows service providers to capture a multitude of communications including voice calls, video streams and desktop activity. All recordings are centrally managed within a single, easy-to-use application where interactions can be reviewed and scored for training and quality monitoring purposes.

What’s more, Weston Digital Technologies is now offering telecare service providers the powerful Symphony Quality Management component for free – complete with scoresheets specifically tailored for telecare services! The included telecare scoresheets have been created by Weston to aid compliance with the TSA’s Quality Standards Framework and can form part of a comprehensive staff training program.

With Symphony 7 for Telecare, vital call-related data can easily be captured, measured, compared and shared - all within the Quality Management module. This includes:

  • The types of calls handled
  • Appropriateness of agent responses
  • Quality of end Service User experience
  • Agent skill-level and training requirements

In addition, through actively measuring call handling with Symphony Quality Management, telecare service providers can:

  • Target training to fill identified skills and knowledge gaps
  • Mitigate risk by preventing service failures
  • Safeguard data management procedures
  • Monitor and maintain ethics and best practice policies

So get in touch today and find out how Symphony 7 for Telecare can help your organisation deliver excellence across your business.