The sheer volume of data recorded in the Electronic Warfare arena can be staggering. From ground-to-air communications and radar, to operator activity and arrays of ground-based sensors, the tactical advantage locked within this data can be game-changing. Weston Digital Technologies’ X-Stream™ API enables military organisations to take command of data streams from multiple acquisition assets, with powerful record, playback and reconstruction capabilities that support greater situational awareness and unlock the full potential of ISTAR data.

Cutting edge technology developed for real-world applications

Developed in partnership with one of the world’s largest and most respected defence companies and leveraging the advanced capabilities of Weston Digital’s Symphony™ platform enables system integrators in tactical environments to create replay sessions to which they can add combinations of different sources of information, including audio, video, screen recording, and radar data. These sessions are being used for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaisance (ISTAR), as well as mission debriefing purposes and accident and incident investigation. They are also proving to be an excellent source of real-world material for use in operator training.

Features at-a-glance

  • Unlocks the value of volumes of data stored for defence purposes
  • Provides effortless construction of highly sophisticated replay scenarios
  • Enables replay sessions to be constructed with any combination of data
  • Enables detailed mission debriefing to be performed at remote locations
  • Provides vital tactical information rapidly and clearly
  • Creates highly realistic training scenarios
  • Enables selective long term archiving of important time periods
  • Smooth, tailored and hassle-free implementation

Sophisticated Replay Scenarios

As well as providing the ability to combine any source of data within a replay session, X-Stream also enables a range of target destinations to be specified for each of the sources. This means for instance, that one or more audio sources can be targeted to one or more specific users’ handsets at the same time. Where multiple audio sources are being routed, they are automatically mixed by the system. Similarly, screen recording and other data sources can be selected and targeted at one or more replay devices in the same way. This means that in a classroom situation, each pupil is able to receive the same audio in their headsets and see the same screen data on their terminals as the rest of the class and of course the trainer.

X-Stream is also thoroughly flexible - it's possible to have several replay sessions active at the same time which means that it can be used simultaneously for both operational and training purposes without resource conflicts. It can also be used to perform selective extractions for use with a Portable Replay Facility. This means that debriefing can now be achieved rapidly in the conflict arena, providing vital information for senior personnel and combat forces trying to understand how their mission fitted into the bigger tactical picture.

Derek Townsend, WDT Company Director, explains how this capability is helping Weston's customers in the Air Defence arena:

"It's the training angle that has most excited the Air Defence sector. For the first time these organisations can now construct detailed real-life examples which can be used in a classroom environment. X-Stream also enables these sessions to be manipulated so that trainers can tailor the information to suit their training needs."

Once the replay session has been constructed it can then be manipulated as a single object. Start and end times of the session can be specified as can the replay speed; the session can also be paused, resumed and re-positioned all without needing to reconfigure the internal source and target matrix. It is also possible to modify the session in real time by, for example, muting or un-muting specific audio sources. This means that individual pupils can then choose the sources that they actually want to hear – a key decision during real-world applications. This capability turns the system from a useful tool for post-mission analysis into one that can that can have a real impact on the effectiveness of the training regime.

Transforming Defence Operations

X-Stream can also be used to perform selective extractions for use with a Portable Replay Facility which generally takes the form of a high performance portable workstation or laptop. This provides air defence organisations with the ability to use data such as audio, screen recording and radar information during mission debriefing at a remote location. This means that debriefing can be achieved rapidly in the conflict arena, providing vital information for senior personnel and air crews trying to understand how their mission fitted into the bigger tactical picture.

X-Stream is already providing unrivalled functionality to one of the world’s largest air defence contractors. Its scenario reconstruction capabilities are unique in the marketplace and it is set to transform the way in which mission debriefing and incident investigation is carried out by combining and synchronising the vast quantity of data that is captured every second of every day. By providing exact real-time scenario replays, X-Stream will also transform the way in which air defence training is currently performed.

So get in touch today and find out how Symphony X-Stream can transform your defence operations.